Olsar manages an automated warehouse equipped with different types of materials (such as 2B stainless steels, brushed, polished steels, galvanized steels, pickled steels and others) and collaborates in a consolidated manner with trusted suppliers, allowing to guarantee a prompt fulfilment of the requests of its customers even if the requested material is not available for quantity o type reason, whether from sheets or coils.

A large fleet of trucks and collaboration with couriers moreover allow satisfying every need for direct delivery to the customer: the shipping office manager is available to provide all the necessary information.

Magazzino Olsar
Magazzino Olsar


At the service of customers, Olsar has an internal technical office finalized both to verifying the developments of the incoming details and at supporting the customer’s requests, who can find in Olsar an ideal partner to develop a product from zero or to industrialize an existing one. 

Everything is aimed at reducing costs and optimizing production.

The planning uses exclusively three-dimensional CAD system (SolidEdge) which allows to view the final product through rendering.

Ufficio Tecnico Olsar
Ufficio Tecnico Olsar


Entire Olsar’s organization, which employs 50 specialized employees on an area of over 14.000 m2 is available for customer’s specific requests, Olsar guarantee a constant collaboration and experience in the field of sheet metalworking.

This approach of close connection with its customers has allowed Olsar to be recognized as a company leader in the sector, especially in the world of stainless steel. Olsar is able to organize its activities in a flexible and efficient way, managing to ensure quick responses that meet the different needs of its customers.

These characteristics, which distinguish it on the market and the trust in its abilities, allow Olsar to look to the future without fear of progress and change.

Magazzino Olsar